Eden Hope Academy

Cycle 4:  Timeline Cards, Art, and Science


Building Independent thinkers is our Passion

  • Critical Thinking Skills –Independent Thinking is the cornerstone of Eden Hope Academy’s program.  Our student play Link it! Challenge each week to ignite their passion for correlations between events and people.  This one segment of EHA will transform your child into an active, engaged thinker.
  • History – We re-create history to make it real. Timeline Card events are forever captured in your child’s mind when he or she creates them.
  • Science – Science is an exploration of God’s creation.  From the Periodic Table of the Elements to Bushnell’s submarines, your child will explore, touch, create, and gain a life-long passion for science.
  • Presentation — Each week Eden Hope student present their favorite timeline card to their class. Your child will learn public speaking skills, including media such as video and audio as well as note taking.
  • Music and Movement – When you strum the ukulele your whole body feels the music. Music and Movement teaches pre-guitar skills along with crossing the midline full-filled dances!
  • Art – Messy, open-ended, historically-relevant art each week opens the doors of creativity and design in children’s minds.
  • Spanish – Rock a Lingua is a premium Spanish video, worksheet, music, and video game program.  Each week Eden Hope Academy reviews one lesson.  Parents are welcome to purchase the program for at-home use. Use our discount code EHA in the coupon area for an extra 15% off.



Timeline Cards