Afternoon Clean-up Guidelines


Thank you so much for helping clean after EHA.  Each church home is a tremendous gift.  Churches charge very little or nothing at all for allowing us to use their facilities.  Cleaning up after our students is one way to show how much we appreciate their sacrifice for us.


  1. Help put away all supplies
  2. Wipe all tables
  3. Make sure that the chairs are clean
  4. Sweep or vacuum under all tables
  5. Remove trash from trash can and replace liner
  6. Rearrange all furniture to its original place


  1. Wipe counters
  2. Make sure toilets are flushed
  3. Pick up all toilet paper/paper towels on the floor and counter
  4. Remove trash if this is your campus’ policy

Hallways and Doors

  1. Vacuum all hallways
  2. Clean glass doors


Campus Leader Review

  1. Please ask your Campus Leader to look over the facility before leaving


If you notice anything that belongs to the church that is broken or missing, please notify your Campus Leader immediately.

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