Group Days Mom’s Schedule

Moms and Dads,

We’re so glad that you’re going to stay and spend time with us today!  We love it when parents stay and appreciate the help.  Your Campus Leader might assign you a responsibility or if she’s swamped, please feel free to jump in and start helping!

EHA Restroom and Classroom Policies

  • EHA’s Restroom and Classroom Policies are two of our few absolute rules.  Please make sure to adhere to it
    • No adult may be in the restroom with a child who is not their own. 
    • No child may go to the restroom without an adult accompanying them. Adults will stand outside of the restroom.  If they child feels insecure about being alone, the adult should open the door, while standing outside, and chat with the child.
    • If your child needs help in the restroom while another child is in the room, please ask another mom to join you. 
    • No child may be alone in a classroom with an adult who is not related to them. 
    • Classroom doors must be open at all times.

9am – 9:30am

  • Ukulele and Dance
    • Each ukulele must be tuned before class.  During Opening Ceremonies, please help the ukulele teacher tune the ukuleles.
  • Opening Ceremony
    • Please join your children for prayer, songs and Spanish!
  • Art and Science
    • Please ask the Art and Science teachers if they need any help setting up their rooms
  • Restroom trips during  Opening

9:30am – 11:50am

  • Art and Science
    • Art and Science are messy!  Please make yourself available for hand-washing, clean-up, and helping with activities.  Please help with clean-up and set-up between classes.
  • Ukulele and Dance
    • Small groups.  The teacher may split her group into smaller sets for Metronome Challenge or to learn dance moves. 
  • Critical Thinking Skills
    • Small groups.  The teacher may ask you to work with a few students on Link it! Challenge or another critical thinking skill
  • Restroom breaks.  Please be available to bring students to the restroom.

11:50am – 12:10pm

  • Help Closing Ceremony Leader with students.
  • Lead a small group in Link it! Challenge if requested.
  • Help with final clean-up of Art and Science rooms.

12:10pm – 1pm

  • Help supervise students at lunch.  Students should never run in halls of the church building.  Please remember that churches are gifting us with the opportunity to meet in their building.  Make sure students are quiet and respectful while in their building
  • Help clean after lunch.

Little ones who are not in the EHA program

  • Younger siblings are welcome to join mom as she helps.  They must not be disruptive, however.  Some children have sensory sensitives and even a little running about distracts them. 
    • If the teacher or Campus Leader asks you to step into the hallway with your little one, please understand that we our goal to provide a loving environment where all students can learn.
  • EHA does not offer a nursery program.
  • If the church offers a nursery, moms using the nursery are fully responsible for their children. 
  • Children may never be left alone in the nursery, even for naps.
  • Two moms must be present in the nursery at all times if a child is not theirs.  Moms of their own children may be alone with them in the nursery.
  • Moms may be subject to the drop-off fee if they stay in the nursery and do not help during the group time. 
    • If your little one is having a rough day and you simply cannot help, that is ok.  Communicate with your Campus Leader and ask her how you can help in another way.  Perhaps you can help during lunch when your little one can run around.
  • If your host church as nursery guidelines that have other provisions, these must be followed as well.
  • Moms must clean the nursery after they are finished using it.

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