3 Timeline: First and Second Continental Congresses

For our Little Ones

King George III saw the Colonists as his subjects.  After all, Great Britain had ruled over the colonies for over a hundred years, sent troops to protect the Colonists during the French and Indian War, and felt entitled to rule over them. The Colonists felt strongly that they should participate in Parliament and that some of the new taxes and rules were too much for them.  Leaders of the Colonists met in Pennsylvania (can you think of a link?) in 1774 to draft letters to King George III.  The First and Second Continental Congresses were meetings to decide how Colonists would like to be ruled and write this to the king.

From 1774 to 1789, the Continental Congress served as the government of the 13 American colonies and later the United States. The First Continental Congress, which was comprised of delegates from the colonies, met in 1774 in reaction to the Coercive Acts, a series of measures imposed by the British government on the colonies in response to their resistance to new taxes. In 1775, the Second Continental Congress convened after the American Revolutionary War (1775-83) had already begun. In 1776, it took the momentous step of declaring America’s independence from Britain. Five years later, the Congress ratified the first national constitution, the Articles of Confederation, under which the country would be governed until 1789, when it was replaced by the current U.S. Constitution.  History.com


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