9 Weekly Letter


You might be asking yourself why we do this.  Why do we memorize documents and statements from our history.  Why do we insist on on children linking, even when linking is difficult?  We do it because we are committed to building future adults who can think critically and who understand the backstory of events necessary to make wise choices that will affect their future.

An entire generation of Germans prior to WWII were given comic books in kindergarten all the way through high school.  These were not fun sweet comics.  Each edition included anti-Jew rhetoric.  Subtle and increasing not so subtle digs were made by teachers frequently.  Over time, the general society became hostile to Jewish people.  No wonder, that when Jewish neighbors and friends were rounded up that their was but a whimper of protest.

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 8.09.09 AM.png

It’s pretty clear that children in public schools are being indoctrinated against morality, Christianity, and the foundation of our nation, but what about homeschoolers?  What if we teach ample doses of morality but neither we nor our children know anything about the basis of our government?  Can our rights be taken away without even a whimper?

In the last debate, Trump and Clinton were asked about abortion and the Constitution.  Clinton dug in deeper to affirm her views that Roe v. Wade, a Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion throughout the United States.  Those who understand the Bill of Rights instantly resonated with Trump’s response: “it’s a states’ rights issue”.  He was telling us that he understood the Bill of Rights.  Trump’s statement was that the Bill of Rights specifically grants states to make ANY decision beyond what is in the first 8 clauses and that the Supreme Court never had the right to decree abortion in America.

The next step in this thinking process is, why is it imperative that states have as many rights as possible. It’s about the people.  When states determine major decisions, individuals can fairly easily (because of proximity and limited size) visit the statehouse, hold public meetings to discuss the situation, or protest.  State decisions are usually more in line with the will of the people in that state.  Additionally, if a person is particularly offended by a decision, he or she can easily move to another state.

The US Bill of Rights may be the most important of our founding documents.  Spend time with your children discussing each of these rights and how they are being kept or neglected in our nation.  I cannot over emphasize how important it is for each of us to understand the Bill of Rights and convey them to our children.

Try to listen to the Memorize Me! music with your children or encourage them to listen to it alone.  The music increases vocabulary, encourages learning, and builds confidence.  Your child will start making links on their own if they feel comfortable with the music because it will free them to start thinking.  It is really invaluable.

What a privilege it is to teach our children these documents from our perspective.  Our children will understand the foundation of our country not from a boring text book that they could quickly dismiss but from the passion of their parents!  What an opportunity!



1791 US Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights are ten amendments to the Constitution that cannot be removed or altered.  Patrick Henry, John Hancock, and James Madsion fought for the Bill of Rights to be included in the Constitution.   After the American Declaration of Independence in 1776, the Founding Fathers turned to the composition of the states’ and then the federal Constitution. Although a Bill of Rights to protect the citizens was not initially deemed important, the Constitution’s supporters realized it was crucial to achieving ratification. Thanks largely to the efforts of James Madison, the Bill of Rights officially became part of the Constitution in December 1791.

A game that Critical Thinking Skills teachers will do in class is Federal Government / States’ Rights.  The instructor will write these words on paper or on the board and draw a line between them.  She will then ask the students if decisions should be heard at the Supreme Court level or if they are states’ issues.  Examples may include:  education (is this listed in the Constitution as something the federal government should control?  no), military (yes), social issues (no), health care issues (students should decide)….

1793  Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette executed.  Reign of Terror begins in France.

Poor people in France wanted to pay less taxes that supported wars and the rich and be able to feed themselves and their children.  (This is the main problem.) The Age of Enlightenment had been taught for a generation and the people no longer felt compelled to live under a wealthy king.  (Education is so important.  Just one generation being taught that God does not matter or that their new ideas will create a utopia can have devastating effects on an entire nation.)  The leaders of the French Revolution thought they were going to form a perfect world of liberty, freedom, fairness.  (This is an age-old lie: you can have peace without God.)  They persuaded the people that this could happen by killing priests, wealthy adults and children and King Louis XVI and his wife.  The people enjoyed watching people die and thought they were right to round up even children to be killed.  (Ordinary people were so far from God by this point that watching others being killed was no big deal and a little bit fun.)  The leaders said that killing Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette would stop the killings but it made it much worse.  The Reign of Terror saw tens of thousands Frenchmen and clergy die in the name of liberty and peace.  (It never works but once a generation has been brainwashed it is almost impossible to teach them truth.  You’re doing a great job homeschooling your child 🙂


1794 Whiskey Rebellion in  Pennsylvania

The people had just fought to be freed from King George III”s taxes.  George Washington and Congress imposed taxes on Whiskey (a drink).  The people did not like it and decided to fight with weapons.  Washington sent an army and quickly won.  It showed others that the US was going to be a serious nation and lead to greater discussion on taxation.

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