Rev 21

Our Rev 21 Badges were designed to encourage students to learn as much as they could through the Eden Hope Academy program.  Each week students have the opportunity to fill in up to four circles of their badge.





1.  The Critical Thinking Skills leader will ask a volunteer adult to check the Eden Hope Academy Books and Timeline Cards for this program.  This person will fill in the circles using Sharpies.

2.  The Eden Hope Academy Trees represent each stage of our Link it! Challenge.

  • Student may complete the first two levels at anytime during the year.
  • The final two levels are completed only at the end of the year.  See Link it! Challenge Guidelines.

For example:  to meet Level 4 Memory Ace and be able to fill in the first tree blue, students must:

  • Say, chant, or sing 40 Memorize Me! facts of their choice from the year’s memory work.
  • Say, chant, or sing 25 people or events from the Timeline in chronological order. Students may skip events, but must keep them in chronological order.

3.  There are 24 outer circles that will be shaded blue. 

  • These may be shaded blue when the student has completed their Eden Hope Activity Book and THREE timeline cards for each week.
  • If the Eden Hope Activity Book and/or the cards have not been completed by group time, the circle will remain blank.
  • Students may complete the work and have the circle filled in the next week.

4.  The second row of circles shall be shaded green upon completion of each week’s Memorize Me! recitation. 

  • As time permits, students may be asked to recite their verses in class.
  • Students may also recite their verses after group to a volunteer.
  • Critical Thinking Skills leaders may also ask that parents tell the volunteer if students have completed their Memorize Me! work.  This should be fairly rare, however.  Students should try to recite their verses each week as time permits.

5.  The red dots are for Extraordinary Links!  Students may earn no more than one red dot each week.

Students must email Eden Hope Academy at their extraordinary link.  Eden Hope Academy will tell your student’s campus leader about the link.

In the example below, Boaz has complete the first four weeks of  his Eden Hope Activity Book and timeline cards, completed Memorize Me! for week 2 and has made one extraordinary link.
















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