18 Weekly Letter




We’re discussing the enslavement of some people by another this week.  We visited Mount Vernon a few months ago and the guides were careful to say enslaved people instead of slaves.  I thought it was a profound vocabulary change.  The people who were enslaved should not be labeled as if they chose enslavement or it is something as defining as a person’s height or hair color.

In Critical Thinking Skills this week our classes will discuss the excuses enslavers of others used to defend their actions.  Africans Americans cannot survive on their own, they enjoy this lifestyle, this is the way it is meant to be, this is the tradition and it is best to not go against it, nothing can be done about it so we might as well participate…. Then, for our older classes, we will discuss modern atrocities and how we use the same excuses today.

Remember, history is worthless unless your children can apply it to their lives and their futures.  Keep discussing this week’s topics with them and help them to make it their own.


Week 18 Card 1  Dred Scott

  • Dred Scott had been enslaved since birth.
    • He was born in the United States as had his parents, grandparents and great grand parents had been.
  • The man who enslaved him brought him to live in the North for several years.
  • When the man who enslaved him died, Dred Scott asked for his freedom.
  • The Supreme Court ruled that Dred Scott was the property of the enslaver.
    • They also ruled that African Americans, both free and enslaved, were not citizens of the US.
  • The decision made the Abolitionists very angry.
  • Was one of the precursors of the Civil War.
  • The Republican Party had just been founded and this was one of it’s rallying calls. They thought the decision was terrible and wanted to abolish slavery.

Week 18 Card 2 Abraham Lincoln

Week 18 Card 3 Charles Darwin

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