24 Art: All About Me

  Objective: Students will create a cartoon of themselves this week and their friends will write kind messages about them on the back of their drawings.  Our hope is that students will keep these mementos and reflect back on how loved they are. Supplies: Construction paper Card stock paper Markers Scissors Pencils Directions: As students … Continue reading 24 Art: All About Me

21 Science: Thomas Edison

Objective: Students study Thomas Edison and his inventions and how movies are made.  They will then draw the same scene on the flip pages with slight modifications to create a movie. Materials: Strips of paper Stapler Pencils and skinny markers Directions: Tell your students that they are the director on this project! Ask your students … Continue reading 21 Science: Thomas Edison

16 Science: California Gold Rush Medicine

  Gold Rush Medicine Objective:  Students will discover the healing properties of lavender, chia seeds, camomile, and other plants.  Students will also learn about hucksters and how some profited from selling "medicines" that were sometimes unsafe and most of the time useless. Materials: Mortar and Pestle Lavender Chia Seeds Camomile Directions: We discussed snake oil … Continue reading 16 Science: California Gold Rush Medicine

18 Science: Animal Cells

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cIMl_XGcZo Objective:  Students will explore the basic structure of an animal cell.  Students will also discuss Charles Darwin's assertions that if it were to be discovered that organisms were too complex to have been formed over numerous successive slight modifications his theory would break down. Materials: Cell kit in Eden Hope Science Supplies Glue Scissors … Continue reading 18 Science: Animal Cells