1. 1 Art: Corn Husk Dolls -     Supplies: String Twine Scissors Corn husk Directions: Take four husks and place them on top of each other so the tops are equal. Using a piece of string, tie the husks together about an inch from the top. Trim around the top edges to make them even. Turn the husks upside down, pulling … Continue reading 1 Art: Corn Husk Dolls
  2. 1 Science: Airplanes -
  3. 1 Timeline: War of Spanish Succession or Queen Anne’s War - For our little ones:  This was a war that started when the powerful Spanish king died and left no one to take his place.  Several countries like England, Austria, and France decided to try to gain Spain’s land for themselves.  The war spread to America.  In the end, the Treaty of Utrect in 1714 balanced … Continue reading 1 Timeline: War of Spanish Succession or Queen Anne’s War
  4. 1 Timeline: Frederick II, “the Great” - For Our Little Ones: Frederick the Great was a military man who sometimes did not keep his agreements.  He grew his country, Prussia.  Prussia is modern-day expanded Germany, west of Russia.  He was also influenced by the Enlightenment Period.  He commissioned Johann Bach to play music for him and he expanded Prussia. Resources: Videos: Frederick … Continue reading 1 Timeline: Frederick II, “the Great”
  5. 1 Timeline: William Penn - For Our Little Ones William Penn became a Quaker when a young man.  It took great courage, since the king wanted everyone to worship at his church.  Penn was later given land in America and strove to be fair to all religions and peoples, including Native Americans.  Penn wrote the Charter of Privileges which provided … Continue reading 1 Timeline: William Penn
  6. 1 Ukulele and Dance - Ukulele Set out a row of chairs and ask students to set their ukuleles on the chairs before going to Opening Ceremonies each week. Ask another mom to help you tune the ukuleles before class. Before students hold their ukuleles, demonstrate the way to hold a ukulele and talk about the parts of their instrument. … Continue reading 1 Ukulele and Dance
  7. 1 Weekly Letter - Dear Moms, Eden Hope Academy is about making connections.  In the next few weeks we’ll learn about the influences of philosophies of the Enlightenment Period and The First Great Awakening and juxtaposition these with world leaders, our own Declaration of Independence and Constitution and the thought processes behind the American Revolutionary war and French Revolution.  … Continue reading 1 Weekly Letter
  8. 10 Art: Koi Fish - This week’s art is all about following directions.  Students will be asked to replicate the basic shape and size of the Koi.  They then will have free reign on colors and shading. EHA Supplies: Watercolor paper Oil pastels Watercolor paints Pencils Directions: Please have the students do each direction together. Draw two large tear shapes … Continue reading 10 Art: Koi Fish
  9. 10 Science: Cotton Gin - We’re going to start out this week discussing the problem that Southern cotton farmers faced.  Picking seeds and outer shells from the cotton bolls was a laborious and  tedious process. Students will be given a boll of cotton and a comb. Students will pick the seeds out of their boll.  They may use their combs … Continue reading 10 Science: Cotton Gin
  10. 10 Timeline: Three Branches -